A Beautiful Sunny Day In Winter

It is really hard to make the decision to take zentai photos outside in winter.but we are lucky enough to enjoy CoCo’s new work.
This time she wears a link lycra zentai that is shiny than modal and it still fit like a glove.Thanks to the warm sunlight and so we can have a chance to see a zentai girl who looks more beautiful than a butterfly.

Office Zentai Lady


You must be wondering  if CoCo will wear zentai for work,right?Today let’s have the luck to see how she looks when dress up as an office lady. 


she still looks unique and beautiful.You must hope that someday your female coworker will

dress up in the same way and give you a big surprise in the morning? 

well,I do admire this old man who can see a zentai lady in person!!





White Angel

I remember a famous zentai model who took a group of similar photos and this time CoCo would like have a try on that.Yes,a sexy Chinese white angel!check out these awesome pictures below:

The only pity is that this brown modal zentai suit looks a little loose and maybe it was bought a lot of time ago.

The Pure Blue Sky

CoCo this time becomes a sunny girl who looks young and sweet.She is a good at dressing as each time she is able to pick and matches her clothes perfect.
A skin-colored modal zentai look very similar to her sexy skin and all her photos are amazing.I know most of the photographing places are in chongqing and so I hope I travel there soon.

Walking In Rain

It was a rainy weekend in fall and the weather became cold so fast.The amazing thing is that Coco would like to make new photos.This time she wore gray swear and skirt outside of her skin-colored modal zentai.of course,she wore the wig.
This time is different because she was going to a place where there are many people.
I have to admit that CoCo has much courage.Well,let’s enjoy her new work below:

The tide of Changjiang River is higher and there were some people fishing in the rain.

The scene seems a little monotonous to CoCo and then the rain became stronger.So she decided to go to the park.




The most beautiful zentai girl CoCo stepped into the park and yes,because of the rain,not many people there.The great thing was that the rain stopped.

Sexy Orange Angel

It has been really big while since Coco’s previous photos and all of us were very excited to see her new photos.this time,she is being an orange angel.

with this perfect spandex orange zentai suit,her curves look so beautiful and amazing.with the white underwear,the theme of her new photos is about Mediterranean Sea.

enjoy the wonderful photos below!

Another China Zentai Master

There is a person named “Jessilyn” and of course,I do not know it is the real name but I was totally surprised when I saw these photos taken by Jessilyn.Okay,Let me show these photos below:


Most of them you think Jessilyn is a very hot girl right?but I do not think so and I think “he” is a guy who loves doing cross-dresser.may reasons are:1,”his” has a guy’s body build,2,if you look carefully,you fill find none of these photos show “his”front.Zentai has this kind of magic that we can hide our gender and it is easy for us to look like girls or boys too.So I have to say Jessilyn is a zentai master.
We are very interested in “his” new photos rather than trying to get a answer about the gender of Jessilyn.In zentai world,all the people are same and colors,age,gender does not matter at all.Let’s wait for “his” new work!