Red Girl’s Thailand Trip

Inside World’s newest photos that are very amazing and unique.first of all,you can see that her red zentai fits really perfect,no baggy or loose at all on the whole suit.

The only pity is that her camera was lost during this trip and so she had to take photos by using her cell phone.

Summer Has Gone

It seems that Summer has passed after several rains and Coco wants to share these photos to leave mark for 2014 Summer and yes,we all love her in this red zentai.

Coco will be very busy in Oct and it is hard to see if we can see her new photos in 2014.

She looks very sexy in the leopard dress and yes,she wears zentai inside.

Well,” uniform temptation”is always a classic topic and idea and each girl can have a try on it because different girls give us different “temptation” and yes,I love CoCo’s a lot.

Dress up as an office lady and CoCo will be busy with her work and let’s wait for her new works.

Wife’s Photos

There is a online friend who loves zentai very much and he persuaded his wife to wear zentai too.

One night,after dinner,he dressed his wife a flesh-colored zentai suit and drag her out for think at first his wife did not want to do that but she did not want to make him unhappy.

But I do enjoy this group of photos and under the yellow light,a cute zentai doll standing in a proves that no matter how your body shape is,as long as you love zentai and love photograh,you are able to create great photos.

Black Zentai And Pet

Girls love pets a lot and so Inside Word took a group of photos of her and her pet.of course,she worn a black zentai suit.

This time she did not wear other things like wigs,clothing and I have to say that she is very strict with her zentai suits as you can see it fits pefect!

Light Coffee Zentai

Light coffee zentai suits are not very common to see and let along that Inside World’s zentai suit looks a little golden.this group of photos were take a long time ago and it was her first time to try bikini outside of zentai.I have to say that she looks very sexy and she should be proud of her perfect body shape.

At the end,she posted a pic of all the spandex zentai she owns then and how many ones you have owned until now?

Cheongsam And Zentai

I think Inside World was one of the first people who wore zentai and cheongsam together.over 10 years passed,her red cheongsam still looks nice and I have to say that she chose the right zentai suit that matches with the beautiful “red”.

Although she looks like a little bit “classical allusion”that is not a popular style,I think you will love her photos.