Clean: A Cross-dresser’s Day

And some people,at least in China,love to wear zentai and wigs to enjoy “cross-dressing”.“A lonely afternoon,I listen to the rain.It finally has been “set-in of plum rains” and this year it is later.It has been a while since my previous time to wear zentai.Rain stops when I wear it on.Although it is summer now,I do not feel hot and thanks to the rain.I sit quietly to enjoy being covered…”

A Different Trial

This time Coco tried another style and so this group of photos are totally different from old ones.through her photos we can see a mature,beautiful and elegant girl who has a dark skin(lol.we all know she wears a flesh zentai suit).We can see that her zentai suit fits perfect and there is no baggy or wrinkle part at all.

Office Lady

She gives us another look about office laday.I think after see these photos,you must wish that your female coworkers will wear zentai to company everyday,right?

As usual she wears a flesh zentai suit inside and the difference is that she does not wear mask.

Spider Woman In Shanghai China

This weekend my friends came to Shanghai and so I definitely guide them to The Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower (it  is 468 meters above the ground and it is the highest tower in Asia and the third highest in the World).Out of our surprise a group of spider women popped out.We all were wondering what these spider women do there.They were equipped up with interphones.So they were going to fight against criminals?

See this girl is very hot and sexy and her spiderman zentai is tight enough to show her curves.Whom she is chasing?

Great!I took the time of they did not use interphones and I went to take photos of them.These spider women were kind enough to do poses for

They told me that they are Spiderwoman Group and their job is catching thieves(who are stealing electro-bicycles).They did not wear the spiderman zentai mask(In my opinion,if they had have worn the masks,people there all would be more exciated).

I love this girl most!!!!

Some other people who were taking photos.

Without any doubt that women love photographing and so do spider women.

After a few of minutes they had to go because of their job.We all gazed at their receding figure.

There were many electro-bicycles thieves here in Shanghai and what these spider women are doing is great to all of us.The Summer is coming and I worry they could not bear the hot weather to wear their spiderman zentai to work soon.

I did not stop in fact but I followed them to see what happened later…


I drove to follow them for a long time and see they were chasing the guy in the black t-shirt.

Well.the guy ride fast like a scalded cat because he found the spider women.I was worried if they could catch the thief because almost their speed is same

Spider women did not give this guy to flee.

Have you noticed that this spider woman carries a web on the back of her spiderman zentai?so they use the web to arrest thieves?

Wow!they catched him!!!

The thief begs for mercy.

It is a wonderful story and being glazing at the beautiful spider women’s figure ,I have no idea why I wished I were the thief.