Red Summer

Although it is very hot here,it could not stop Coco’s passion to take photos in a zentai.this time,she wore a white dress outside and all of us think that she is one of the most beautiful zentai girls.

It is really hard to see others who can take well used of zentai to produce so amazing photos.Let’s wait and see what kind of surprises CoCo will bring to us in the near future.

Sexy Style

Unlike Coco’s other photos,this time she wants to be sexy and she wore a flesh modal zentai inside with sexy black underwear.Of course,we have to say that men will be made draw-dropped by her bodyshape and these sexy poses.
Nowadays many people use zentai to create this kind of photos too and maybe you may have a try on that too?

Naked Summer

It is really hot to wear zentai in Summer,let along making many poses and take these amazing photos.Most of people may will do that in a room and of course,where the air-conditioner is necessary.As usual,this group of zentai photos are more about young and sweet.


Clean: A Cross-dresser’s Day

And some people,at least in China,love to wear zentai and wigs to enjoy “cross-dressing”.“A lonely afternoon,I listen to the rain.It finally has been “set-in of plum rains” and this year it is later.It has been a while since my previous time to wear zentai.Rain stops when I wear it on.Although it is summer now,I do not feel hot and thanks to the rain.I sit quietly to enjoy being covered…”

A Different Trial

This time Coco tried another style and so this group of photos are totally different from old ones.through her photos we can see a mature,beautiful and elegant girl who has a dark skin(lol.we all know she wears a flesh zentai suit).We can see that her zentai suit fits perfect and there is no baggy or wrinkle part at all.

Office Lady

She gives us another look about office laday.I think after see these photos,you must wish that your female coworkers will wear zentai to company everyday,right?

As usual she wears a flesh zentai suit inside and the difference is that she does not wear mask.