Wear Zentai To Pick Strawberry

Look at me:I wear a lycra flesh zentai suit inside and down coat outside.In Winter,if you would like to go out in a zentai,you can wear a down coat outside.

It was cool although it was very cold here.But a lot of people travelling here.The farmer was surprised a lot when her saw me who was in a full bodysuit( zentai).And finally she asked if I would like to buy strawberry and I nodded.Then we bargained:7 RMB per 0.5kg

I took the salver and started to pick strawberry.People that were passing by stopped for while and discussed about me.LOL.In China,not many people have seen or known about zentai suits.Some of them took photos of me.

After about 2 hours I finally filled the salver with fresh strawberry.I was about to eating one but suddenly I realized that I could not.Hah

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