Wow My New Sexy Leotard Photos

Some one asked me that if I love wearing lycra leotards.I said yes and he said why there was no photo of you in a lycra leotard?In fact,I wear leotards very often but never took a photo.

Okay.Today I would like to share this photo (I took it last year) with you.I wore a black lycra leotard with a floral stockings.My leotard was made with full hood and long sleeves.Do you like it?


The Last Group Of Photos In 2011

2011 will end soon and maybe my these new photos will be the last group in 2011.This time I upload more zentai photos and hope you will love them.The weather is cold here

but I could not control myself from taking new zentai photos.I turned on the conditioner to pose in my room.I wore a red and a flesh modal zentai suits.You might be

wondering why you can not see the seams.Yes,they are made with lateral seamless(a custom option).By the way,the Chrismas is coming and Merry Xmas!