Another China Zentai Master

There is a person named “Jessilyn” and of course,I do not know it is the real name but I was totally surprised when I saw these photos taken by Jessilyn.Okay,Let me show these photos below:


Most of them you think Jessilyn is a very hot girl right?but I do not think so and I think “he” is a guy who loves doing cross-dresser.may reasons are:1,”his” has a guy’s body build,2,if you look carefully,you fill find none of these photos show “his”front.Zentai has this kind of magic that we can hide our gender and it is easy for us to look like girls or boys too.So I have to say Jessilyn is a zentai master.
We are very interested in “his” new photos rather than trying to get a answer about the gender of Jessilyn.In zentai world,all the people are same and colors,age,gender does not matter at all.Let’s wait for “his” new work!