She Finally Took Some Sexy Pics

We all know that sister Xiao Mao always go for sweet style but today she made a complete change that makes all of us draw-dropping.

As usual,she wears flesh modal zentai with wigs but this time she does not wear beautiful dress outside but sexy underwear.OMG!She owns a perfect and sexy body shape and hope to see more and more zentai photos of this style in the near future.

Newest Photos Of Sister Xiao Mao

It has been quite a long time since her last zentai photos.During this period we all are waiting for her update.She just finished her newest photos of her in flesh modal zentai suit.Where is her?Of course,she is still in Chongqing,China where is really hot recently and so Xiao Mao really made a great effort do this job.Once again,wonderful photos!We all love them as she is so beautiful in zentai.

It is a big pity that Sister Xiao Mao won’t make new work very often in the future as she has found her Mr Right who does not like her wearing zentai.However,we all hope she will be happy forever!

New Zentai Photos Of Sister Xiaomao

Finally made uploaded some new zentai photos that many people have been waiting for a quite while.Yellow T-shirt and pink shrit all look so cute and beautiful.Maybe she
always showing another beauty of zentai which many zentai loves have not noticed yet.
These photos make you think something?I guess so.It is all about happiness.
Let’s continue to focuse on her new work in the future.


These zentai photos were took some time ago.Really miss the time when it was sunny but not hot.I could overlie on the sofa in my zentai and on the bed I could enjoy the sunlight touching me.
I was of short hair about 5 years ago.It would be a problem if you have long hair to wear zentai.My hair would get nipped by the zipper every time.Not good!!!

Relax In Zentai

Today the weather is cool here and I am off duty today.After doing some house work and cleaning the floor,I slip into my brown zentai.The feeling would be great if you find
that everything at your room is very clean.Someone suggested me to wear a zentai with open eyes?No,I only love normally zentai.LOL