New Outdoor Photos

To be honest I do not think this group of zentai photos are great as they make me look like “short”?Do you think so?Oh,It is my first time to wear lycra bodysuit outside but
the experience is not good.I went out at 0700 am.You know the weather was very cold and I took photos by myself.No easy.Im sorry as I scared a kid and he cried louldly.Sorry,kid.Anyway,I think next time I’ll take better zentai photos.

First Time Cosplay With Zentai

It was my first time to cosplay cos A Fei.(It was a comic character).
After 3 times photographing,I made a decision:to do something combination of zentai and cosplay.So I bougt the mask and outfit online.This is a new group of photos.I wore

the outfit of A Fei outside my yellow and black zentai.This feeling was kinda cool.The weather is cooler and so I did not feel hot then.
In fact,it was my first time to play cosplay too.LOL.

Second Group Of Photos Of Me In Zentai

I learnt a less from last photographing and finally made some good zentai photos.Sorry.I made some “logos” on my photos.LOL.
Last time,some people said that my zebra lycra zentai was cute and so I decided to take a group of zebra zentai photos.I wore a check shirt (borrowed from my friend) and jeans outside.Hahh.I thought I was fashion man when I looked at the mirror.


First Zentai Photos From Mr He

It is my first time to take zentai photos and so I named it as my first blog article.How ever,my zentai life has started and I want to make it clear to lycrarock.It is not an easy work to take self photos:wearing zentai to hold the camera and you have to aim to face.The biggest problem is that when you wear 3 layers of zentai suits,you hardly see anything.I was shocked when finished photographing and took off zentai:75% of photos did not work!