Sexy Rabbit

We have been waiting for Violet’s new photos for quite a while and it is very excited to see her new work that was finished on Easter Day.
You can see a very sweet and beautiful rabbit.Her skin-tight flesh zentai suit fits perfect and with the nice and cute accessories,we all love this new look a lot.

Violet In Kimono

I have no idea when Violet started to wear mask outside of zentai but it matters nothing when I saw her new photos:She looks sweet and cute in a mask.So I think that people who love zentai may love wearing masks too because masks cover and hide our head fully too and besides,you may go for different “looks” everyday.
I have to say that this group of photos are amazing and the perfect-fitted zentai sets her figure off to advantage.

Office Lady

She gives us another look about office laday.I think after see these photos,you must wish that your female coworkers will wear zentai to company everyday,right?

As usual she wears a flesh zentai suit inside and the difference is that she does not wear mask.

Merry Christmas To All Zentai Fans

It seems that the pics in previous entry are not enough to show the new year atmosphere and so more great zentai photos from Violet again

by the way,some people are planning to wear a Mr stanta zentai on Christmas but in my opinions,you not have to wear that print zentai (it is a kind of zentai with print all over the suit) and Violet’s way is cool.


Merry Christmas

The 2013 Christmas is at the corner and maybe this year you may consider wearing a zentai then?Maybe it is cold if you to do that but some people will do,I believe.

Violet is planning to take some photos to celebrate Chirstmas and let’s wait and see.

Of course,I think buying a zentai to your friend is a good gift idea.For example,if a boy loves spiderman,you may buy him a spiderman zentai?lol.