Black Zentai And Pet

Girls love pets a lot and so Inside Word took a group of photos of her and her pet.of course,she worn a black zentai suit.

This time she did not wear other things like wigs,clothing and I have to say that she is very strict with her zentai suits as you can see it fits pefect!

One Day Travel In Black Zentai

Spring has arrived and so many people,including me,want to go out for a short trip or spend their weekend outside.

I put on my black silk  zentai suit and set out with my friend and we were going to a dam where is not far away from my home.The weather was great.We hired a boat and rowed on the river.Many people there were surprised by me.LOL.But I’ve get used to that.

The funny thing is that another shipmaster was staring at me during we were passing by and he hitted another boat.Thank goodness the weather there has been warm…


Wearing Zentai For Shopping

Zentai likes the second-skin and so to choose a outfit for our skin is important,specially when your zentai is not flesh.
Today I am going to selecl cloth for my black lycra zentai.There is a large number of clothes.The black zentai is more than conspicuous flesh zentai.Thanksfully not many
customers there.
I find a black short-sleeved clothes that suits to wear long gloves.This Autumn will be great with black zentai!!Haha.So I go to check out but I have to queue and so I sit on a chair to wait.I think I really do a great favor for this shop:many passbies stop and stare at me.The boss is smart.He calculates the price slowly in ordering that I attract more people stepping into his shop.
So I am wondering if there is zentai model in a apparel store?LOL

Sexy Black Angel

It is my zentai time again.Tonight I am alone at hotel and know what I am going to do next?Yes,you are right!
I put on my black lycra spandex zentai with my wig.I look the mirror and I think something should be worn outside.But what’s it?So I have tried several clothing.Guess what?Hahh.I wore my lace underwear.haha.Oh,I can not believe that I look so sexy.Zentai always make me sexy and hot.Don’t you think so?