Zentai In Han Clothing

She is the first girl who wear a conbination of zentai and Han clothingShe loves Han Clothing very much but what makes her sad and upset is that people always mistake kimono and Han clothing.You have to say that wearing zentai in Han clothing she expresses her love to our Chinese culture.
These beautiful photos bring us back to ancient China.Can not describe them by words.Feel it!

Forget-Me-Not Zentai Story:Wear Zentai To Study

Forget-me-not is her internet name and she is a high-school student in China.
Let’s check out her first zentai story.
She wears a blue shiny metallic zentai to study in her room.She is preparing for the college entrance examination that is the biggest job for each student.
But she could not see out very clearly in a shiny metallic zentai.So if you really want to read books in a zentai,you’d better to wear lycra zentai or wear this kind of zentai suits with open eyes.

The Project:Zentai Heroine

I wore a blue zentai with shrots,boots,jacket and wig.We just landed the island and started to roll in the bamboo forest when here came a couple.The wife squealed and hided the back of her husband when she saw me.She closed her eyes and could not dare to goggle.Me seamed a the worst monster to her and she pushed her husband to leave as soon as possible.But,her husband was laughing and I did not know if he was laughing at her wife for her cowardice or he was laughing at me(maybe he never saw a person dressing like this before).

There were many tourists on the island on weekend.So I felt a little bit afraid.When I was hesitating ,suddenly another 8 tourists came here.There was a professional photographer in the midst of them and they asked me to take some photos with them but I refused.Then a woman asked if I could borrow the sword to her.I agreed.So she used my sword to take photos.

Our photographing plan was not very successful!!Too Bad!