My First Group Of Photos In 2012

Chrismas,New Year and Chinese New Year in 2011 gave me much joy and time goes too fast!Now it is March 2012 and I just realized that I’ve not uploaded new zentai photos in 2012.

So this time I am going to take some sexy photos.So I put on my grey lycra spandex catsuit with underwear outside.Lycra catsuits always give me chances to show off my sexy body curves.LOL.At least,I think so.

Do you like my new photos?If so,please comment on my catsuit!!!

China Sex Culture Festival

2nd October,Henan,there were some sexy girls now showing up with male slaves and then some men training sexy female slaves on the T stage.This SM performance attracted a huge number of people.It is the fouth China Sex Culture Festival.Let’s check out some photos.

The male slave wore a red shiny catsuit.

Black and red shiny catsuits.

Zentai catsuits are used mostly in sex culture festival.