Modal Zentai Girl In A Park

At dust there were not many people in the park and Coco loved the big green lawn there and so she decided to go there to breathe fresh air.the color of her zentai was skin-colored and so she would not be noticeable.


Of course,some people would come out but Coco just turned back to them.Yes,this way her “faceless”look won’t scare

The time went fast and the sky turned dark.So it was time to go home.

Coco wanted to play on a swing but there were too many people there and because Coco was in zentai (zentai is new to Chinese people) and so Coco finally gave this idea up and turned back home.

Zentai Girl (CoCo) In Campus

It was weekend and Coco and her boyfriend passed by an university and of course,they were amazed by it.So they changed their idea and went there.
Coco wore on her zentai in the car and yes,let’s check out these photos.

They do not have the courage to go some crowd places like teaching buildings,student apartments or football field.So they walked around the basketball court because there were few of people.About half an hour,they left the campus.

But to Coco;s boy friend’s surprise,Coco wore on another zentai,pink zentai and asked him to take some photos of her on the road.


Zentai Photos Of Coco

Coco agreed to her boyfriend to take some photos of her in zentai outside and so they went out immediately and CoCo went to the WC to wear on her zentai after they parked.

Let’s have a look at her second group of photos here.


Coco did not feel afraid at all when the train came and she said hello to the passengers in it.Of course,not sure if the people inside of it could see her clearly or not.


Of course many people who drove cars or bikes passed by but CoCo did not feel embarrassed at all.She just did various posed in her flesh zentai suit.Her boyfriend felt a little bit embarrassed because people can saw his face.Ha

they spent whole day outside until it got dark and they went back home.Let’s wait and see more stories from Coco,a cute and beautiful Chinese zentai girl!


Sweet And Beautiful Zentai Girl CoCo

Coco is a sweet and beautiful Chinese girl who love to wear zentai for her let’s appreciate this group of photos of her in zentai outside after dinner and of course,the photographer was her boyfriend

they thought it was not okay to walk out in zentai because the guards may be his boyfriend drove her out.

they went to the square at first and shoted some pics but the light there was not good.Then Coco decided to take photos under the street lamps.

of course they felt a little bit nevours because strangers may pop out suddently but they were wrong because there was someone who did not think they were a big deal.hah

later they went to the major bridge

both of them felt a little bit tired

thumbs up to Coco who gives another great look of zentai girl!