Another China Zentai Master

There is a person named “Jessilyn” and of course,I do not know it is the real name but I was totally surprised when I saw these photos taken by Jessilyn.Okay,Let me show these photos below:


Most of them you think Jessilyn is a very hot girl right?but I do not think so and I think “he” is a guy who loves doing cross-dresser.may reasons are:1,”his” has a guy’s body build,2,if you look carefully,you fill find none of these photos show “his”front.Zentai has this kind of magic that we can hide our gender and it is easy for us to look like girls or boys too.So I have to say Jessilyn is a zentai master.
We are very interested in “his” new photos rather than trying to get a answer about the gender of Jessilyn.In zentai world,all the people are same and colors,age,gender does not matter at all.Let’s wait for “his” new work!

Sexy Rabbit

We have been waiting for Violet’s new photos for quite a while and it is very excited to see her new work that was finished on Easter Day.
You can see a very sweet and beautiful rabbit.Her skin-tight flesh zentai suit fits perfect and with the nice and cute accessories,we all love this new look a lot.

Fashion Lady

October has gone and today let’s share this group of awesome Coco’s photos taken in this October.

This time Coco wore the flesh modal zentai as usual but she wore fashion clothing outside,

which gives us a different feeling.enjoy these photos below















Wife’s Photos

There is a online friend who loves zentai very much and he persuaded his wife to wear zentai too.

One night,after dinner,he dressed his wife a flesh-colored zentai suit and drag her out for think at first his wife did not want to do that but she did not want to make him unhappy.

But I do enjoy this group of photos and under the yellow light,a cute zentai doll standing in a proves that no matter how your body shape is,as long as you love zentai and love photograh,you are able to create great photos.

Naked Summer

It is really hot to wear zentai in Summer,let along making many poses and take these amazing photos.Most of people may will do that in a room and of course,where the air-conditioner is necessary.As usual,this group of zentai photos are more about young and sweet.


A Different Trial

This time Coco tried another style and so this group of photos are totally different from old ones.through her photos we can see a mature,beautiful and elegant girl who has a dark skin(lol.we all know she wears a flesh zentai suit).We can see that her zentai suit fits perfect and there is no baggy or wrinkle part at all.

Office Lady

She gives us another look about office laday.I think after see these photos,you must wish that your female coworkers will wear zentai to company everyday,right?

As usual she wears a flesh zentai suit inside and the difference is that she does not wear mask.

Green Field

This group of photos were taken during International Labour Day.

The weather in countryside is really fresh and great.Coco wore zentai walking on the paths that connected fields and enjoying the sunlight.

She ignored these farmers there and focused on making

The second day,on the way back home,Coco could not bear the strong sunlight and so she wore on this flesh colored zentai suit immediately and they pulled over at many beautiful sceneries and so it was night when they got back city,Chongqing.

It started to rain when Coco backed to Chongqing and you can see how beautiful this city is.Coco