New Outdoor Photos

To be honest I do not think this group of zentai photos are great as they make me look like “short”?Do you think so?Oh,It is my first time to wear lycra bodysuit outside but
the experience is not good.I went out at 0700 am.You know the weather was very cold and I took photos by myself.No easy.Im sorry as I scared a kid and he cried louldly.Sorry,kid.Anyway,I think next time I’ll take better zentai photos.

Go Out At Mid-night

Finally I got up the courage to go out in zentai which had been thought again and again.I was wondering if I should wear pants outside of my flesh zentai that was made with a penis sheath.But I decided to wear zentai only and there were few people on the road at midnight

I walked out my buildingĀ  and yes,there was no person at this time.So I was secretly complacent but then,an old man popped out!!!He was coughing while staring at me.I was so embarrassed and quickly hided my private part with my hands and lowered my head(I did not put on the zentai hood then).Maybe it was a big deal to him and so the old man went away.

I put on another black lycra bodysuit as soon as the old left.

I wanted more stimulus after putting on the black zentai and so I sat at wayside to put on the third zentai (red lycra bodysuit) when a car came as the red color was conspicuous,the driver slowed down to look at me (maybe after half a minute he stepped on the gas).

In brief,wearing zentai to go out is exciting and dangerous(as you might be caught by anybody at anytime).But usually the passengers only stop to see you for just a while.