Blue Mermaid


It has been a long time sice my last photos.So I guess I’ve catched the Spring’s tail and share you with my new photos .I am not sure if there are many other people who love being mermaid.But,I love mermaid zentai.

The Labor Holiday is at the corner and so I guess everyone is planing how to spend it.In fact,I do not think traveling a easy work.So I prefer to stay at home with my friends and family.

This is a shiny metallic mermaid zentai and its color is blue.Hope you will like it.

Hello Mermaid


It feels better when in this mermaid zentai.Hahh…
I prefer you to call me “Small Tune”
If you love my photos,comment here;if not,you can just turn away
To be honest,there are not many photos of zentai yet
It is common as it is not easy to find someone to take photos for you
So I could only jump in the room…Whoops,I jumped down…
Okay.No crap and here we go