The Pure Blue Sky

CoCo this time becomes a sunny girl who looks young and sweet.She is a good at dressing as each time she is able to pick and matches her clothes perfect.
A skin-colored modal zentai look very similar to her sexy skin and all her photos are amazing.I know most of the photographing places are in chongqing and so I hope I travel there soon.

Walking In Rain

It was a rainy weekend in fall and the weather became cold so fast.The amazing thing is that Coco would like to make new photos.This time she wore gray swear and skirt outside of her skin-colored modal zentai.of course,she wore the wig.
This time is different because she was going to a place where there are many people.
I have to admit that CoCo has much courage.Well,let’s enjoy her new work below:

The tide of Changjiang River is higher and there were some people fishing in the rain.

The scene seems a little monotonous to CoCo and then the rain became stronger.So she decided to go to the park.




The most beautiful zentai girl CoCo stepped into the park and yes,because of the rain,not many people there.The great thing was that the rain stopped.

Violet In Kimono

I have no idea when Violet started to wear mask outside of zentai but it matters nothing when I saw her new photos:She looks sweet and cute in a mask.So I think that people who love zentai may love wearing masks too because masks cover and hide our head fully too and besides,you may go for different “looks” everyday.
I have to say that this group of photos are amazing and the perfect-fitted zentai sets her figure off to advantage.

Back To Zentai

It has been one month since Coco’s last photos.It rained during this month and it has been cold here.the mini-skirt won’t show recently.this time,back to pure zentai.






These photos were taken in a big park.It was a good weather and Coco’s wore on her flesh modal zentai to enjoy the sunlight.


But the weather went bad soon and it got dark very soon too.

Because it is winter here and so there won’t be many photographing works recently.

Temptation Of Mask

It is Coco’s first group of photos of her in zentai and mask.

Can you hold on?Lol

She is a sexy officer!

This mask seems to be great to match with other clothing/suits.

In fact it would be a little uncomfortable if Coco’s did not wear this modal zentai suit with open face.wearing all the clothing will be difficult without do you think about these great photos?

Fashion Lady

October has gone and today let’s share this group of awesome Coco’s photos taken in this October.

This time Coco wore the flesh modal zentai as usual but she wore fashion clothing outside,

which gives us a different feeling.enjoy these photos below















Naked Summer

It is really hot to wear zentai in Summer,let along making many poses and take these amazing photos.Most of people may will do that in a room and of course,where the air-conditioner is necessary.As usual,this group of zentai photos are more about young and sweet.


Modal Zentai Girl In A Park

At dust there were not many people in the park and Coco loved the big green lawn there and so she decided to go there to breathe fresh air.the color of her zentai was skin-colored and so she would not be noticeable.


Of course,some people would come out but Coco just turned back to them.Yes,this way her “faceless”look won’t scare

The time went fast and the sky turned dark.So it was time to go home.

Coco wanted to play on a swing but there were too many people there and because Coco was in zentai (zentai is new to Chinese people) and so Coco finally gave this idea up and turned back home.