A Beautiful Sunny Day In Winter

It is really hard to make the decision to take zentai photos outside in winter.but we are lucky enough to enjoy CoCo’s new work.
This time she wears a link lycra zentai that is shiny than modal and it still fit like a glove.Thanks to the warm sunlight and so we can have a chance to see a zentai girl who looks more beautiful than a butterfly.

Zentai Girl (CoCo) In Campus

It was weekend and Coco and her boyfriend passed by an university and of course,they were amazed by it.So they changed their idea and went there.
Coco wore on her zentai in the car and yes,let’s check out these photos.

They do not have the courage to go some crowd places like teaching buildings,student apartments or football field.So they walked around the basketball court because there were few of people.About half an hour,they left the campus.

But to Coco;s boy friend’s surprise,Coco wore on another zentai,pink zentai and asked him to take some photos of her on the road.


Pink “Budweiser”

We have been waiting for Violet’s new zentai photos for a long time and it is so happy to see her new works.

It is about “Budweiser” and I guess many guys love drinking this beer.She wore pink spandex zentai with a dress outside and of course,the dress has a print of “Budweiser”.You might have noticed that this zentai seens a little bit baggy/loose and it does not mean that her zentai did not fit because she beomes thinner now.