Red Girl’s Thailand Trip

Inside World’s newest photos that are very amazing and unique.first of all,you can see that her red zentai fits really perfect,no baggy or loose at all on the whole suit.

The only pity is that her camera was lost during this trip and so she had to take photos by using her cell phone.

Summer Has Gone

It seems that Summer has passed after several rains and Coco wants to share these photos to leave mark for 2014 Summer and yes,we all love her in this red zentai.

Coco will be very busy in Oct and it is hard to see if we can see her new photos in 2014.

She looks very sexy in the leopard dress and yes,she wears zentai inside.

Well,” uniform temptation”is always a classic topic and idea and each girl can have a try on it because different girls give us different “temptation” and yes,I love CoCo’s a lot.

Dress up as an office lady and CoCo will be busy with her work and let’s wait for her new works.

Red Summer

Although it is very hot here,it could not stop Coco’s passion to take photos in a zentai.this time,she wore a white dress outside and all of us think that she is one of the most beautiful zentai girls.

It is really hard to see others who can take well used of zentai to produce so amazing photos.Let’s wait and see what kind of surprises CoCo will bring to us in the near future.


This group of photos were taken during Chinese Tomb-sweeping Day (Qingmin Festival) in a hotel.People wanted Coco’s to take some sexy photos and this time,I guess guys must be very excited right?Red is always a perfect choice and you can see that everything is red and even the zentai is red too.Coco’s says it is very hard to take photos for red-colored things.

I am totally amazed by her zentai photos and I believe no matter what kind of zentai,as long as it is worn by Coco,it looks amazing!

Coco has a hoby:she always suspect that the quilt and sheet are not clean enough in a hotel and so she always take zentai and wear it to sleep when she is in a tripr.

A lovely red girl there…

Happy Snake Year

2013 is a “Snake Year” and hope all of you have a wonderful 2013.Today “zentaiboy” showed us his new photos.

He wears a lycra red zentai suit and he wants to tell us that a man can be very sexy too.In my opinion,if his suit was with no side seams( laterial seamless),his photos would be more amazing!

Wish You A Happy New Year

Recently I am really busy and can not make some time to upload my new zentai photos until today.I took these photos of me in red lycra spandex zentai with a red dress outside this morning,Let’s say hello to 2012 although it has been in Feb. After a happy Chinese New Year Holiday,we went back to work.Oh,still very cold here and look forward to the coming of Spring.Hah.Then we can wear zentai outside.

Wear Zentai To Fish

Today I put on my red lycra full bodysuit(zentai) and went out with my sister who did not wear zentai but only want to see how I would look like in this special catsuit.It was warm and we sauntered in the countryside.Then we found a fishpond where there were some people fishing there.So we came there and rented a fishing rod.
It was my first time to fish in zentai as I do not fish often.Of course,all the people there were very surprised about me which caused my sister laugh for a long while.It was a cool experience although I did not catch any fish.Maybe it had nothing to do with the zentai I was in but because I am really not good at fishing at all.LOL