Wear Zentai In Kimono For Shopping

I just bought a kimono and wore my black zentai with it outside.There were a lot of people and I was really afraid of being crowded around…
I finally got up the courage and stepped into a small shop.Yes,many people were there as well.Look,there are two persons who are waiting to check out staring at me…

When the salewoman asked me what I want but I did not hear that and was trying to find out some snacks.Then I went to the freezer to select drink.More and more people came

in and these were two big men who kept looking at me.I seemed to be Japan girl.One of them came and asked me if my sword was prop which really scared me a lot…

New Zentai Photos Of Sister Xiaomao

Finally made uploaded some new zentai photos that many people have been waiting for a quite while.Yellow T-shirt and pink shrit all look so cute and beautiful.Maybe she
always showing another beauty of zentai which many zentai loves have not noticed yet.
These photos make you think something?I guess so.It is all about happiness.
Let’s continue to focuse on her new work in the future.