Pink “Budweiser”

We have been waiting for Violet’s new zentai photos for a long time and it is so happy to see her new works.

It is about “Budweiser” and I guess many guys love drinking this beer.She wore pink spandex zentai with a dress outside and of course,the dress has a print of “Budweiser”.You might have noticed that this zentai seens a little bit baggy/loose and it does not mean that her zentai did not fit because she beomes thinner now.

Travel Dayu Ancient Town In Orange Zentai

This morning I wore my orange lycra zentai and came to the famous Dayu Ancient Town.As today is the Market Day of the local folds,so the road is very crowded.I have to make a detour and walk in a path.All the people are curious about my dressing but they do not stand close to me.So I can take photos with an easy mind.I am really nervious that you can not imagine.Some tourists in a boat in the Lijiang river see me from far away too.

Swimwear & Yellow Lycra Zentai

It is summer now and for many zentai lovers we would like to wear a zentai showing up on a beach which is very cool.
But I was not cool at will know that after seeing my photos.
I wore my yellow lycra zentai and a purple swimwear above.Of course,a wig too.I do not like that I look like a
The see wind always make us cool but the hot weather and the strong sunlike make me sweat a lot.
Give me some comment!!!Thank you!