Violet In Kimono

I have no idea when Violet started to wear mask outside of zentai but it matters nothing when I saw her new photos:She looks sweet and cute in a mask.So I think that people who love zentai may love wearing masks too because masks cover and hide our head fully too and besides,you may go for different “looks” everyday.
I have to say that this group of photos are amazing and the perfect-fitted zentai sets her figure off to advantage.

Clean: A Cross-dresser’s Day

And some people,at least in China,love to wear zentai and wigs to enjoy “cross-dressing”.“A lonely afternoon,I listen to the rain.It finally has been “set-in of plum rains” and this year it is later.It has been a while since my previous time to wear zentai.Rain stops when I wear it on.Although it is summer now,I do not feel hot and thanks to the rain.I sit quietly to enjoy being covered…”

Modal Zentai Girl In A Park

At dust there were not many people in the park and Coco loved the big green lawn there and so she decided to go there to breathe fresh air.the color of her zentai was skin-colored and so she would not be noticeable.


Of course,some people would come out but Coco just turned back to them.Yes,this way her “faceless”look won’t scare

The time went fast and the sky turned dark.So it was time to go home.

Coco wanted to play on a swing but there were too many people there and because Coco was in zentai (zentai is new to Chinese people) and so Coco finally gave this idea up and turned back home.

Merry Christmas

The 2013 Christmas is at the corner and maybe this year you may consider wearing a zentai then?Maybe it is cold if you to do that but some people will do,I believe.

Violet is planning to take some photos to celebrate Chirstmas and let’s wait and see.

Of course,I think buying a zentai to your friend is a good gift idea.For example,if a boy loves spiderman,you may buy him a spiderman zentai?lol.

Zentai Girl (CoCo) In Campus

It was weekend and Coco and her boyfriend passed by an university and of course,they were amazed by it.So they changed their idea and went there.
Coco wore on her zentai in the car and yes,let’s check out these photos.

They do not have the courage to go some crowd places like teaching buildings,student apartments or football field.So they walked around the basketball court because there were few of people.About half an hour,they left the campus.

But to Coco;s boy friend’s surprise,Coco wore on another zentai,pink zentai and asked him to take some photos of her on the road.