This group of photos were taken during Chinese Tomb-sweeping Day (Qingmin Festival) in a hotel.People wanted Coco’s to take some sexy photos and this time,I guess guys must be very excited right?Red is always a perfect choice and you can see that everything is red and even the zentai is red too.Coco’s says it is very hard to take photos for red-colored things.

I am totally amazed by her zentai photos and I believe no matter what kind of zentai,as long as it is worn by Coco,it looks amazing!

Coco has a hoby:she always suspect that the quilt and sheet are not clean enough in a hotel and so she always take zentai and wear it to sleep when she is in a tripr.

A lovely red girl there…

Zentai Photos Of Coco

Coco agreed to her boyfriend to take some photos of her in zentai outside and so they went out immediately and CoCo went to the WC to wear on her zentai after they parked.

Let’s have a look at her second group of photos here.


Coco did not feel afraid at all when the train came and she said hello to the passengers in it.Of course,not sure if the people inside of it could see her clearly or not.


Of course many people who drove cars or bikes passed by but CoCo did not feel embarrassed at all.She just did various posed in her flesh zentai suit.Her boyfriend felt a little bit embarrassed because people can saw his face.Ha

they spent whole day outside until it got dark and they went back home.Let’s wait and see more stories from Coco,a cute and beautiful Chinese zentai girl!


Sweet And Beautiful Zentai Girl CoCo

Coco is a sweet and beautiful Chinese girl who love to wear zentai for her let’s appreciate this group of photos of her in zentai outside after dinner and of course,the photographer was her boyfriend

they thought it was not okay to walk out in zentai because the guards may be his boyfriend drove her out.

they went to the square at first and shoted some pics but the light there was not good.Then Coco decided to take photos under the street lamps.

of course they felt a little bit nevours because strangers may pop out suddently but they were wrong because there was someone who did not think they were a big deal.hah

later they went to the major bridge

both of them felt a little bit tired

thumbs up to Coco who gives another great look of zentai girl!


Happy Night

Today I am alone at home as my parents all went out for shopping.So I would like to wear my zentai suit.

I felt very nervous when I was breathing in the quiet night as I was afraid that my parents will come back suddently.

Later they really came back suddently and I rushed to the door and locked it.My heart hitted strongly.


But they did come to your room.Then I found my sweat a lot.Haha.But later I just enjoying in my zentai and took more photos.