This group of photos were taken during Chinese Tomb-sweeping Day (Qingmin Festival) in a hotel.People wanted Coco’s to take some sexy photos and this time,I guess guys must be very excited right?Red is always a perfect choice and you can see that everything is red and even the zentai is red too.Coco’s says it is very hard to take photos for red-colored things.

I am totally amazed by her zentai photos and I believe no matter what kind of zentai,as long as it is worn by Coco,it looks amazing!

Coco has a hoby:she always suspect that the quilt and sheet are not clean enough in a hotel and so she always take zentai and wear it to sleep when she is in a tripr.

A lovely red girl there…

Cool Sprint Wind

Coco’s photos always are popular because who don’t love a sunny,young and beautiful girl?In fact we all look forward her new zentai photos that are unlike these ones from others.

Don’t you want to dress your girlfriend with a zentai after see coco’s photos?

Zentai Photos Of Coco

Coco agreed to her boyfriend to take some photos of her in zentai outside and so they went out immediately and CoCo went to the WC to wear on her zentai after they parked.

Let’s have a look at her second group of photos here.


Coco did not feel afraid at all when the train came and she said hello to the passengers in it.Of course,not sure if the people inside of it could see her clearly or not.


Of course many people who drove cars or bikes passed by but CoCo did not feel embarrassed at all.She just did various posed in her flesh zentai suit.Her boyfriend felt a little bit embarrassed because people can saw his face.Ha

they spent whole day outside until it got dark and they went back home.Let’s wait and see more stories from Coco,a cute and beautiful Chinese zentai girl!


Newest Photos Of Sister Xiao Mao

It has been quite a long time since her last zentai photos.During this period we all are waiting for her update.She just finished her newest photos of her in flesh modal zentai suit.Where is her?Of course,she is still in Chongqing,China where is really hot recently and so Xiao Mao really made a great effort do this job.Once again,wonderful photos!We all love them as she is so beautiful in zentai.

It is a big pity that Sister Xiao Mao won’t make new work very often in the future as she has found her Mr Right who does not like her wearing zentai.However,we all hope she will be happy forever!

New Outdoor Photos

To be honest I do not think this group of zentai photos are great as they make me look like “short”?Do you think so?Oh,It is my first time to wear lycra bodysuit outside but
the experience is not good.I went out at 0700 am.You know the weather was very cold and I took photos by myself.No easy.Im sorry as I scared a kid and he cried louldly.Sorry,kid.Anyway,I think next time I’ll take better zentai photos.