Zentai Life– Soul-stirring and Memorable

It was another weekend and it was sunny and I would like to go out for fun.Yes,I worn my zentai suit and I passed the kindergarten, photo studio,clothing store and etc.The rate of second glance is 100%.The workers stop to see me and even these guards stared at me for a long time.

There were some chooks on the road and all of them were cared and ran away when I walked close.

I had been far away from my home and then I walked to the vegetable market.So why not buying some food now?It was not out of my surprise as all the people there were surprised by me.

I was buying the vegetable and the man said that my suit looked so beautiful.lol.

Then I went to buy eggs and chicken.These ladies all love my zentai and of course,more people were just open their big eyes to look at me.

Wear Zentai To Pick Strawberry

Look at me:I wear a lycra flesh zentai suit inside and down coat outside.In Winter,if you would like to go out in a zentai,you can wear a down coat outside.

It was cool although it was very cold here.But a lot of people travelling here.The farmer was surprised a lot when her saw me who was in a full bodysuit( zentai).And finally she asked if I would like to buy strawberry and I nodded.Then we bargained:7 RMB per 0.5kg

I took the salver and started to pick strawberry.People that were passing by stopped for while and discussed about me.LOL.In China,not many people have seen or known about zentai suits.Some of them took photos of me.

After about 2 hours I finally filled the salver with fresh strawberry.I was about to eating one but suddenly I realized that I could not.Hah

Zentai Is Scaring In China

Zentai is new to most of Chinese and even to those people who live in small towns.It was really funny.I wore my flesh zentai with common clothes outside and came to a shoes
booth.I told them that I just wanted to borrow a stool for a sit.Guess what was their response?LOL.They were really scared.I seemed to be a monster without face!All of them
stayed away from me and asked a man out.I guess he must be the boss.Because I just sit there stilly and so they calmed down.But they still could not dare to come to me.
The funny thing happened: two customers came( wife and husband)here.As my back to them and so they did not see my face.But,when they came to me,they were totally scared and stayed back a few steps and cried :” who the hell was her?”
I could not help laughing out and then I told them that I was wearing a zentai and at the same time,I took off my zentai hood.I explained everything for them.They said
zentai was weird and how and where IĀ  got this kind of stuffs.Then we chated for a short while before I left.
To be honest,I really did not know the folks there would be shocked that way by me.Funny story!

Travel In Guilin,China

Guilin is very famous tourist place in China and I guess many foreigners know it,right?But I must be the first person who wears zentai to travel there.

It is not safe to drive in zentai and so I drove very slowly.Haha.I was in brown lycra zentai suit.

It was time to eat something and I ordered snack.But firstly,I would like to take some photos there.So I went to the locker room and went for an orange lycra zentai suit.

We were on the boat and the interesting thing was that when the couple found me.They discussed quietly about me but after a while,they seemed to igonore me and continued to enjoy their travel.

Go Out At Mid-night

Finally I got up the courage to go out in zentai which had been thought again and again.I was wondering if I should wear pants outside of my flesh zentai that was made with a penis sheath.But I decided to wear zentai only and there were few people on the road at midnight

I walked out my buildingĀ  and yes,there was no person at this time.So I was secretly complacent but then,an old man popped out!!!He was coughing while staring at me.I was so embarrassed and quickly hided my private part with my hands and lowered my head(I did not put on the zentai hood then).Maybe it was a big deal to him and so the old man went away.

I put on another black lycra bodysuit as soon as the old left.

I wanted more stimulus after putting on the black zentai and so I sat at wayside to put on the third zentai (red lycra bodysuit) when a car came as the red color was conspicuous,the driver slowed down to look at me (maybe after half a minute he stepped on the gas).

In brief,wearing zentai to go out is exciting and dangerous(as you might be caught by anybody at anytime).But usually the passengers only stop to see you for just a while.

Wear Zentai To Fish

Today I put on my red lycra full bodysuit(zentai) and went out with my sister who did not wear zentai but only want to see how I would look like in this special catsuit.It was warm and we sauntered in the countryside.Then we found a fishpond where there were some people fishing there.So we came there and rented a fishing rod.
It was my first time to fish in zentai as I do not fish often.Of course,all the people there were very surprised about me which caused my sister laugh for a long while.It was a cool experience although I did not catch any fish.Maybe it had nothing to do with the zentai I was in but because I am really not good at fishing at all.LOL


The Project:Zentai Heroine

I wore a blue zentai with shrots,boots,jacket and wig.We just landed the island and started to roll in the bamboo forest when here came a couple.The wife squealed and hided the back of her husband when she saw me.She closed her eyes and could not dare to goggle.Me seamed a the worst monster to her and she pushed her husband to leave as soon as possible.But,her husband was laughing and I did not know if he was laughing at her wife for her cowardice or he was laughing at me(maybe he never saw a person dressing like this before).

There were many tourists on the island on weekend.So I felt a little bit afraid.When I was hesitating ,suddenly another 8 tourists came here.There was a professional photographer in the midst of them and they asked me to take some photos with them but I refused.Then a woman asked if I could borrow the sword to her.I agreed.So she used my sword to take photos.

Our photographing plan was not very successful!!Too Bad!

Smile In Zentai

We have no face expression when in zentai
Zentai gives us a chance to stay away from unhappy reality.
Being busy with life and word,maybe gradually you will forget one thing:smile.
Some of you just slip in zentai to sleep after work.
In my opinion,the smile will be more wonderful in zentai.

I am smiling and can u see that?