Sexy Rabbit

We have been waiting for Violet’s new photos for quite a while and it is very excited to see her new work that was finished on Easter Day.
You can see a very sweet and beautiful rabbit.Her skin-tight flesh zentai suit fits perfect and with the nice and cute accessories,we all love this new look a lot.

Zentai Life– Soul-stirring and Memorable

It was another weekend and it was sunny and I would like to go out for fun.Yes,I worn my zentai suit and I passed the kindergarten, photo studio,clothing store and etc.The rate of second glance is 100%.The workers stop to see me and even these guards stared at me for a long time.

There were some chooks on the road and all of them were cared and ran away when I walked close.

I had been far away from my home and then I walked to the vegetable market.So why not buying some food now?It was not out of my surprise as all the people there were surprised by me.

I was buying the vegetable and the man said that my suit looked so

Then I went to buy eggs and chicken.These ladies all love my zentai and of course,more people were just open their big eyes to look at me.

One Day Travel In Black Zentai

Spring has arrived and so many people,including me,want to go out for a short trip or spend their weekend outside.

I put on my black silk  zentai suit and set out with my friend and we were going to a dam where is not far away from my home.The weather was great.We hired a boat and rowed on the river.Many people there were surprised by me.LOL.But I’ve get used to that.

The funny thing is that another shipmaster was staring at me during we were passing by and he hitted another boat.Thank goodness the weather there has been warm…