Sexy Rabbit

We have been waiting for Violet’s new photos for quite a while and it is very excited to see her new work that was finished on Easter Day.
You can see a very sweet and beautiful rabbit.Her skin-tight flesh zentai suit fits perfect and with the nice and cute accessories,we all love this new look a lot.

Violet In Kimono

I have no idea when Violet started to wear mask outside of zentai but it matters nothing when I saw her new photos:She looks sweet and cute in a mask.So I think that people who love zentai may love wearing masks too because masks cover and hide our head fully too and besides,you may go for different “looks” everyday.
I have to say that this group of photos are amazing and the perfect-fitted zentai sets her figure off to advantage.

Chinese Spiderman Father Has Spent 7 Years To Find Son

7 years ago,Mr Wu was sleeping with his son who was only 13 months old.In the early morning,he found the door was open and his son was gone.The whole family was down and Mr Wu looked like crazy to look for his kid who even could not say father and mother.
He spent all the money during this 7 years and he was cheated a lot of money too but he never given up.
Recently he wore on his spiderman costume after lunch to show up in the public and everyday he will cause a lot of children’s attention and adults pay more attention on his notice for missing son.
He must have known that spiderman is a popular character and so he wants to get well used that to get more people’s attention.But you will feel sad when he put off his spiderman costme because he looks very old and his hair are gray but nobody knows that he is only 36 years old.

The pity is that he has not found his son yet but he won’t give up.During the 7 years,he helped many others to find missing family.Children love spiderman a lot and when they come to Mr Wu and he always would remind of parents to watch their children.
Because Mr Wu recently wears spiderman costume in public everyday and he has got the public attention.Many people gave hands to him and all of people hope and cross-finger that he will find his son soon.

Back To Zentai

It has been one month since Coco’s last photos.It rained during this month and it has been cold here.the mini-skirt won’t show recently.this time,back to pure zentai.






These photos were taken in a big park.It was a good weather and Coco’s wore on her flesh modal zentai to enjoy the sunlight.


But the weather went bad soon and it got dark very soon too.

Because it is winter here and so there won’t be many photographing works recently.

Temptation Of Mask

It is Coco’s first group of photos of her in zentai and mask.

Can you hold on?Lol

She is a sexy officer!

This mask seems to be great to match with other clothing/suits.

In fact it would be a little uncomfortable if Coco’s did not wear this modal zentai suit with open face.wearing all the clothing will be difficult without do you think about these great photos?